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Will France’s Highest Court Grant These 2 Lesbians Marital Rights?

France’s Conseil Constitutionnel — or Constitutional Council, the country’s highest court — will this week hear a same-sex marriage case and is expected to issue a ruling, rather rapidly, within a week, the completely unbiased website Lifestie claims: “The case has been passed to the Council by the French Court of Cassation, the nation’s highest appeals court for non-constitutional legal issues, which received the case in November. Two lesbians, who have conceived children by artificial insemination, want to call their relationship a ‘marriage’ [Ed: Quotation marks theirs], and are asking for the legal right to do so.” The couple’s lawyer, interestingly, will ask the court to decide whether a ban on same-sex marriage violates the International Convention on the Rights of Man, which guarantees the right toe establish a family.

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