Will Queen Latifah Never Sleep With Men Again? Or Just One In Particular?


While we’ve already claimed Queen Latifah for our team — spotting she and her “boyfriend” interacting at a Grammys after-party convinced us little — the woman hasn’t come out in the press. But when you take her quotes out of context, she certainly has!

Speaking to author Shaun Robinson for the book Exactly As I Am (a girl power read), Latifah says: “I [used to] ingratiate myself to him and then sleep with him. Afterward, I felt disgusting- really gross and nasty … and I hated myself. That feeling was so horrible, I decided I would never do that again.”

Latifah is likely speaking about some jerkoff guy she used to date who she regrets offering her flower to — but phrase that quote just so and the Grammy winner comes out swinging against sleeping with men ever again.

Photos: Splash News

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  • Kamikapse

    She’s a lesbian if you take her quotes out of context?

    Umm… no.

    Just leave her alone.
    If she is gay it’s her own goddamn business how to handle it.

  • blake

    Why use such an unflattering photo as the main pic in the article? She’s certainly not an enemy, right? Why didn’t you guys use the glamour shot?

  • getreal

    I live in LA. Know a girl who dated her. She is definitely gay. Enough said.

  • ggreen

    Jasmine Cannick is her BFF

  • sparkle obama


    incredibly (or not)
    they are JEALOUS of her.
    they feel needlessly COMPETETIVE and they instinctively lash out to cut her down.
    btw, the young kids coming up don’t have these deep-seated, racal hangups.

  • jeano

    I love her. I don’t care who she sleeps with.

  • Renee

    Really you need to learn what is and isn’t your business. Twisting statements to suit an agenda is inappropriate no matter who does it. You are depriving her of her agency. Perhaps you should spend less time speculating on The Queen and <Anderson Cooper and deal with people who are openly gay and lesbian and in need of help.

  • Giovanni

    I would respectfully have to disagree with the above statement. They are gay – we know that they are gay and since we also know there is nothing wrong with being gay we (and the good folk at queerty) have every right to talk about their gayness wether they like it or not.

    And Sparkle I don’t really see a racial component here.

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