Will Queen Latifah Never Sleep With Men Again? Or Just One In Particular?


While we’ve already claimed Queen Latifah for our team — spotting she and her “boyfriend” interacting at a Grammys after-party convinced us little — the woman hasn’t come out in the press. But when you take her quotes out of context, she certainly has!

Speaking to author Shaun Robinson for the book Exactly As I Am (a girl power read), Latifah says: “I [used to] ingratiate myself to him and then sleep with him. Afterward, I felt disgusting- really gross and nasty … and I hated myself. That feeling was so horrible, I decided I would never do that again.”

Latifah is likely speaking about some jerkoff guy she used to date who she regrets offering her flower to — but phrase that quote just so and the Grammy winner comes out swinging against sleeping with men ever again.

Photos: Splash News