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Will Rhode Island’s Lawmakers Try Overriding Gov’s Funeral Rights Veto?

Gov. Don Carcieri

Rhode Island’s lawmakers, who will not grant gay marriage rights, did vote to allow the gay partners of the deceased to claim their bodies and make funeral arrangements. Then Gov. Don Carcieri (pictured), the state’s sitting bigot chief executive, vetoed the move, calling it a backdoor attempt to “[erode …] the principles surrounding traditional marriage.” But, a smidgen of hope on the horizon to grant gays some rights (in death): RI legislators are considering an attempt to drum up enough votes to override Carcieri’s veto. “House Majority Leader Gordon Fox, a Democrat, said Wednesday that he personally supports the bill,” reports the AP. “He said he still needs to meet with Senate leaders before deciding whether to override a veto from Republican Gov. Don Carcieri when lawmakers return Jan. 5.”