Will Someone Please Pass Out Free Condoms at Exodus International’s Annual Ex-Gay Conference?

“The Gay Liberation Network has announced plans for a protest against Exodus International, one of the nation’s most powerful anti-gay groups, which this year will be holding its annual convention in the Chicago area. The pro-gay protest will be at the start of the convention at Wheaton College, 500 College Drive, Wheaton at 6:30 PM, July 14th.” That’s the word from GLN. We were going to come up with a punchline about just how “powerful” Exodus International is, and then we realized it’s infiltrated 120 ministries in North America and even more than that abroad, teaching its reparative therapy ways. Exodus also works with Focus on the Family to produce the Love Won Out Conference, an annual gathering of folks pretending to be straight so they can shag each other in hotel rooms at the conference.