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Will This Mean Talk Show Heed GLAAD’s Warning About Calling Everyone A ‘Maricón’?

Jose Luis Sin Censura, a Spanish public television talk show, is on the receiving end of an indecency complaint (PDF) from both GLAAD and the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which mouthed off to the FCC about how the program regularly “contains indecent, profane, and obscene material, offensive language, nudity, and on-air verbal and physical attacks against women as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.” So what’s the problem?

GLAAD writes in a release, going after the show’s broadcast KRCA Los Angeles and licensee/distributor Liberman Broadasting:

In over twenty episodes that aired between June 18 and December 7, 2010, the program contained images and language of the nature that is never displayed or is bleeped out of pre-taped English-language programs of the same nature, including the words “pinche” (“f*cking” in English) and “culero” (“assf*cker”), anti-gay language, including epithets such as “”maricón,” “joto” and “puñal” (or “f*ggot”), and anti-Latino slurs, such as “mojado” (“wetback”). The program frequently featured blatant nudity and female guests have been shown in violent fights. Hypersexualized images of women’s breasts and genitals while stripping for male guests and audience members also make up routine offerings. Guests and audience members were often incited to engage in verbal and even physical attacks, especially against people perceived to be LGBT. Many episodes showed the audience standing and shouting anti-gay epithets and profanity at guests.

Now, for the winning soundbite, from NHMC President Alex Nogales’ statement: “This program is way overboard, and goes far beyond a fleeting moment of expletives or nudity. José Luis makes Jerry Springer look like Mr. Rogers.” Ratings? They just saw a 20% spike.

If the FCC does intervene and issue an indecency finding against the show, it’ll be the first time the federal agency did so in more than three years.

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  • Red Meat

    This show makes Jerry Springer look PG13

  • shaquita

    please stop glaad from being so fucking reactionary and extreme. they are becoming worse than al sharpton

  • Shannon

    These are the SAME people that sneaking into OUR country here! You keep saying they are “hard working”…yeah sure…tell that to the LA people…AZ people ….TX people who see crime SKYROCKETING cause of them! And the hate crimes….WOW……..if they want to keep saying that on their shows…let them! JUST DO DO NOT BRING IT HERE CAUSE WE WILL SEND YOU RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!

  • Francis

    I’m going to pretend the last post never happened, and say that hopefully this horrible show is canceled. Jerry Springer definitely can’t touch this trash. The homophobia is sad, but the racism is even more shocking to me. I bet the straight guys think those trashy women are attractive.

  • Red Meat

    @Shannon: If you are a lesbian, I hope you are raped and killed in a hate crime for being a stupid bitch.

  • Shannon1981

    @Shannon, are you the same Shannon who hijacked my name and trolled lesbian/LGBT sites to confuse people into thinking I share your crazy views? IDK if you are a lesbian, or just a troll…but dude, you post some wacky stuff. People, PLEASE do not confuse me with her.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Shannon1981: Consider it a compliment. He/she/it wants to draw attention and thinks a good way if borrowing your name.

  • Shannon1981

    @justiceontherocks: I’ve been trying to look at it like that, and have added my birth year to my name on every site where I was formerly just ‘Shannon.’ And by now people should know the difference in personality. But still, being trolled is just weird. We’re posting on internet forums for fun and interaction. People who troll are wasting time.

    Now, to avoid derailing the thread, the matter at hand: this show is awful, and I sincerely hope it is pulled, or at least forced to tone itself down. Trash TV can be entertaining, but this goes waaayyy too far.

  • puertoricandivo

    all i can say its sad to see that some people don’t know how to grow up

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