Will Tom Cruise Play Jesus?

If gossip isn’t your style, we’re going to say something very bad about you.

Christopher Rice is one of the significant gay-theme writers of his generation. In his three novels to date, A Density of Souls, The Snow Garden and Light Before Day, he has demonstrated considerable literary talent undergoing a fruitful maturation. His commentaries on gay life for the Advocate are never less than thought-provoking.

Chris Rice

His mother Anne Rice of course barely needs an introduction as the wizard behind a series of homoerotic vampire novels. Of late, she put the stake through the homoerotic vampires’ collective heart and threw in her chips with Jesus. She has said that upon being “born again,” a preposterous, risible concept if ever there were one, she promised herself that she would only “write for the lord.” Her latest novel, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, is narrated by the 7-year-old Christ child as Rice imagines him. No word yet on whether the lord is going to read the thing.

So what’s gossipy about all this? Imagine how Christopher Rice must feel. He’s level headed, he’s forging ahead with his career, and when asked which fiction character he’d like to date, said: “Jack Reacher, hero of Lee Child’s bestselling thrillers. He has a strong moral core and he sounds like a total babe.” Yet his famous mother is officially off the deep end, telling interviewers that Christian fiction is the natural extension of her work with homoerotic vampires because Jesus is “the ultimate supernatural hero.” God, how embarrassing!