Will West Point Take Lesbian Cadet Katherine Miller Back If DADT Is Repealed?

Katherine Miller, the lesbian West Point cadet who quit in August over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell just one week before she would have to sign on to two more years at the academy and five years of military service, found life back home in Ohio was also a pretty miserable experience. So now she wants back into the military. If Congress successfully repeals the law that forced her to lie to brass, she’s ready to serve her country. I guess the only question, then, is whether West Point wants her back.

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  • Dan

    I think she should be allowed to be back to West Point. Her credibility of a good student is not diminished by the inability to lie on matter that is detrimental to her mental and spiritual health.

  • David

    I would not take her back. She resigned. She knew she was gay going in. She knew the law could have changed. I grew up in the military. There are men and women in the military under threat of a beheading if they are captured – to be a military commander you have to be a leader under fire.

  • Henry Holland

    West Point would be suicidal to take her back, to take her back would be the totally wrong message to send. She quit, full stop, the argument ends there. I’ve seen people claim “Oh, she didn’t realize she was a lesbian until after she quit!”. Nonsense, as David said “she knew she was gay going in”.

    I hope West Point tells her to go away, STFU and never darken their doors again.

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