With Less Than Nine Days Left, The White House Has No Idea If It Will Repeal DADT

Last week a federal court ruled that the Pentagon had to stop enforcing DADT (though military recruiters are still turning away openly gay recruits). Yesterday the same court issued an order “requiring the U.S. government to state whether it will continue to defend the policy’s constitutionality in court.” Sadly, the White House has no idea what it’s gonna do…

When asked about if the White House supports the court’s ruling, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “The Justice Department is reviewing the order, and I think I would point you to them for further information.” My prediction: the DOJ will wait until next Friday to make its decision (Fridays make the perfect political news dumps, just like when the Department of Justice issued that 31-page history of the government’s discrimination against queers; they did that on a Friday—queer blogs cheered, no one else seemed to notice).

Hush, hush, right B.O.?

It’s unlikely that House Speaker John Boehner’s Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) will come in and defend DADT seeing as its primary function is to defend DOMA (good luck with that, fellas).

No matter the White House’s decision, the 9th Circuit court that issued the countdown also has an August 29th hearing scheduled to consider whether the government’s appeal of the lower court’s decision striking down DADT is valid. Think Progress thinks the president will defend it.

Gotta love the red tape.