City Says "No Parking"

Woman Battles City For Cross-Dress Bar

Janet Law just wants a space for Wyandotte, Michigan’s cross-dressers. City officials, however, are putting the breaks on the former race car driver’s plans, which leads Law to believe they’re breaking the, well, law. Of course officials say otherwise:

[Lawmakers insist] she lacks parking to accommodate customers. She and her lawyer say officials have ulterior motives and will make a final appeal Wednesday to the Zoning Board of Appeals before filing suit.

In a standoff that’s caught the attention of advocates in the transgender community, Law’s lawyer, Guy Conti, says Wyandotte is violating her constitutional rights because the 1,400-square-foot club otherwise meets zoning rules.

Wyandotte Mayor James DeSana declined comment. “I’m not trying to be smart-alecky,” he said. “I just don’t want to discuss Janet Law.”

DeSana also says that if Law’s sure of discrimination, then she should sue.

Law currently has 26 parking spots. The city says she needs at least 119, even though her private club only allows 78. Wyandotte, Michigan only has about 30,000 citizens. How many of those do you think are cross-dressers?

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