World Ends As Scheduled. Zombie Fundamentalists Blame Gay Marriage

hellOkay, so the world didn’t end—at least not yet. (Hey, don’t be so disappointed!)

But those fundamentalists sure are good for some doom-and-gloom prognostications: Take Linda Harvey, head of anti-gay hate group Mission America. In a radio address earlier this month she declared that if marriage equality persists, the Second Coming might be a freaky gay wedding:

“A Christian concept that illustrates the unchanging standard of man and woman as the model for marriage: in the New Testament, Jesus is referred to several times as the ‘bridegroom.’

And when he returns, he will return as a bridegroom seeking his bride: the church, which is the body of all believers, also called the Bride of Christ. It’s a beautiful analogy.

What happens to such a concept in a same-sex marriage? Does Jesus as bridegroom seek another groom?  No, that would be a twisted and frankly offensive spin on a profound and marvelous concept.”

Y’know we don’t understand what the hell she’s talking about (and we’re fairly certain she doesn’t either), but it’d be worth having the world end just to see fiery imps poking Harvey in the ass.

Source: Pink News