Would You Rather Have T-Mobile’s Gay Censorship Or iPhone’s Reception Problems?

“To be clear, we would never actively block material based on sexual orientation. It’s possible that the sites were blocked because they contain advertising or other content that falls outside of the Content Lock system which helps prevent children from accessing 18-rated material. This is done in accordance with a voluntary code that mobile operators agreed to in 2004.” That’s T-Mobile’s perhaps reasonable response to news that gay-ish websites were being blocked for cell phone users. Except it doesn’t entirely explain why gay news and travel sites are triggering the filter, other than T-Mobile’s kiddy protection plan banning anything that discusses The Gay, nor why users, even after verifying their age, still cannot access many of these sites while straight porn pages are readily available. Don’t you just hate it when your Sidekick can’t access

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    Every cellphone provider have “unpublished” rate plans that can be used to encourage new customers to sign on.

    I would urge every Queerty visitor who uses T-Mobile to contact any other provider and aske to speak to a supervisor. You can basically make up a plan and say you have been offered this plan by T-Mobile, you are unhappy with the service and the new carrier has been recommended by several persons. State that if they can match or come close to the plan “offered” by T-Mobile as well as a suitable device and credits to cover any termination fees you may recieve from T-Mobile you will gladly give them your business. I and many of my friends have been using this method for years with a pretty good amount of success.

    Once you have made the change notify T-Mobile and their corporate mucky-mucks and inform them we will not be treated as second class citizens and if you want to censor Gay content you will no longer support the company with your Gay dollars……..

  • mike

    Not that it really matters, but this story is about T-Mobile UK, not US.

  • Arthur

    I’ve never had trouble accessing any sites through T Mobile, in the US. This complaint comes from overseas, where gay vs. straight content is sometimes treated differently by regulation. The question is whether other carriers are doing the same restrictions.

  • Michael

    I’ll take reception. I use my phone as a, phone.

  • schnaussmaus

    Once again, more shoddy Queerty reporting and deceptive headlines. This is in the UK, not US. Good job not making that clear Queerty. I work for T-Mobile and they do not block content on their mobile devices.

  • BlogShag

    I’d rather have neither. That’s why I have an HTC phone on the Verizon network.

  • caffesilvia

    iPhone = Yucky yuck conformist toy for teenage girls.
    T-Mobile = Blah service but good rate plans, and they unlock phones for you after 3 months. Plus, you can use a Nexus One with T-Mobile, which is like an iPhone that actually *does* stuff.

    My vote: T-Mobile.

  • L.

    Apple is well-known for censoring gay-related apps, so with the iPhone you get both – and worldwide, not just in the UK.

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