Wrestling Legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Delivers Epic Rant In Support Of Gay Marriage

Steve-Austin“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, a former pro wrestler once declared by the WWE as the most profitable wrestler in the history of the company, let his thoughts on gay marriage be known during a podcast he now runs for pro-wrestling fans.

The comments were made months ago, but have only recently begun to catch wind in the media and wrestling circles alike.

If you expected the man who made millions being a hyper-masculine mass of total destruction to give a tame opinion on the subject, think again. His forceful and solid defense of same-sex marriage is as explicit and blunt as his career was:

“I don’t give a shit if two guys, two gals, guy-gal, whatever it is, I believe that any human being in America, or any human being in the goddamn world, that wants to be married, and if it’s same-sex, more power to ’em.”

“What also chaps my ass, some of these churches, have the high horse that they get on and say ‘we as a church do not believe in that.’ Which one of these motherfuckers talked to God, and God said that same-sex marriage was a no-can-do?”

Blessed be, Stone Cold.

“OK, so two cats can’t get married if they want to get married, but then a guy can go murder 14 people, molest five kids, then go to fucking prison, and accept God and He’s going to let him into heaven? After the fact that he did all that shit? See that’s all horseshit to me, that don’t jive with me.”



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  • Billy Budd

    Muscled straight guys have brains too. lol

  • Dakotahgeo

    LOLOL… As an ordained Christian minister, I heartily endorse this message! I quit kissing religious hypocrites’ asses a long time ago and hit them with the TRUTH; THAT’S what they can’t stand! Not only not being able to handle the truth, but being aghast, absolutely aghast… that ANYONE would have the brass BALLS (or gold TESTICLES!) TO SLAP THEM WITH THE TRUTH!! Sorry, but I say Amen AND AMEN!

  • Yahoo Thom

    I want to marry Stone Cold Steve Austin!

  • babybabybaby

    Spank me Steve BABY>>>>

  • Billy Budd

    Do you think maybe he would agree to have a naked wrestling session with me? It would be strictly straight, I promise. Like the characters in the book “Women in Love” by D H Lawrence did.

  • QuintoLover

    I don’t want to objectify someone in support of our cause but…. I just can’t help it. I’ve ALWAYS had a crush on Stone Cold. He’s just so sexy. Watching his wrestling persona (back when wrestling was actually cool) was SO hot. His countryness, Idgaf attitude and his love of beer just turned my little teen member on so hard.

  • Mezaien

    Austin, my man married me please…shit you hot.

  • hotshot70

    I have new respect for Stone Cold. Well said! Let’s send him after Westboro members (if any are still around).

  • sejjo

    Stone Cold Steve Austin for President!

  • Tookietookie123

    I’m glad to see someone like him on our side especially seeing that he comes from an entertainment business that heavily realies on looking incredibly manly and acting the part, to which I have to add that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin excels at! I mean look at him, he’s the definition of man and he’s okay with gay people which only increases his appeal! I only hope other follow in his foot steps. Thank you, Steve!

  • Winter79

    Austin 3:16, ladies and gentlemen.

  • NJjoe

    What a guy! Love him. He is a real man. He’s str8 and unafraid to air his thoughts and feelings. Oh, and did I say he’s hotter than hell?

  • Jawsch

    Isn’t this old? Why is this just now getting attention?

    I wouldn’t necessarily say he supports same-sex marriage more than he thinks the church (and religion in general) is hypocritical and ridiculous.

    Either way, at least he has the balls to support it in a sport which is known for having a large majority of followers being rather close-minded. (Used to be a wrestling fan when I was a teen. Now I watch it and realize it’s just soap operas….for men)

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