Wright Used In Miss. Commercial

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright story just won’t die.

The North Carolina RNC last week released a Barack Obama attack ad featuring Wright’s legendary “God damn America” sermon. In addition to tearing down Barack Obama, who frequented Wright’s now infamous church, the commercial took aim at local Democratic Gubernatorial hopefuls. Well, now the pastor has found himself in yet another campaign commercial:

This new ad, like the last one, uses the Wright/Obama connection to attack a local Democrat. This time around, it’s House candidate Travis Childers of Mississippi, who, the ad notes, was “endorsed by liberal Barack Obama.”

“…when Obama’s pastor cursed America, blaming us for 9/11, Childers said nothing,” an announcer says in the spot. “When Obama ridiculed rural folks for clinging to guns and religion, Childers said nothing. Travis Childers – he took took Obama’s endorsement over our conservative values. Conservatives just can’t trust Travis Childers.”

Obviously the Republicans – the “religious party” – aren’t examining their own pastors very closely. Hey, DNC, why don’t you run an advert featuring John McCain’s unholy trinity: John Hagee, Rod Parsley and Dan Yeary?