WWE Legend Shawn Michaels Says “Being Gay Is Very Eighties”, Still Very Hip

Gays! Can’t you do anything original anymore?!

TMZ has been pulling the Darren Young bandwagon in front of every WWE star walking through an airport recently, and they’ve finally caught one that isn’t very impressed by all the “hoopla.” In case you missed it, Darren Young became the first openly gay WWE Superstar last week, and mostly everyone has been supportive.

Here is “WWE legend” Shawn Michaels, who when confronted by a TMZ photographer says “being gay in this business is very eighties.” To his credit, he says that there have been closeted gay wrestlers in the WWE for decades. He says “it’s hip to be gay right now,” and doesn’t think the news will hurt Young’s career.

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  • Snapper59

    If I’m not mistaken Shawn Michaels in personal life is a born-again Christian and Bible teacher and thus isn’t going to blow his paycheck with the WWE by airing his true thoughts. Just to be sure I googed his name and “Christian” and got like 2 million hits. He’s apparently well know for it.

  • Icebloo

    I have a friend who was openly gay at school. He went to the same school as Shawn. Shawn was a couple of years older & when my friend was bullied Shawn would step in & defend my friend. From what my friend said Shawn seems to be a nice guy who is supportive of gay people.

  • MK Ultra

    “It’s very hip to be gay right now”?
    Yeah, being gay isn’t a fashion statement.

  • QuintoLover

    @Snapper59: Yes Shawn is a born again Christian but that doesn’t mean he’s homophobic. Not all Christians believe homosexuality is a sin. And have you seen his D-Generation X schtick with HHH? It’s SUPER homoerotic.

  • balehead

    Strange…he didn’t seem homophobic…..More Drama queens spin-cycle?…

  • Polaro

    I have no problem with what he said.

  • Snapper59

    I searched and he had to apologize for using a “#homo” tag on a Twitter message that was derogatory in 2012. Maybe he isn’t homophobic and is a very gay friendly Christian. There’s so many.

  • Caliban

    Nothing he said is offensive.

    Some of it is interesting though for its subtext. “This is a very safe time for him to come out.” Which is true, so far as it goes. Some will no doubt hate him for it but he will get support from his fans, new fans, and the media. It may end up helping his career, though that has yet to be seen. “It may not be be big deal for us but obviously it was for him.” Very true.

    He wasn’t saying that being gay is “so 80s,” just that the wrestling world dealt with it then on a personal level but now it’s a more public/media thing. All things considered it was an accepting, nuanced statement. If you’re trying to make it seem otherwise it’s a dead end.

    I don’t really watch wrestling but I’ve sort of paid attention to it from afar. There’s a story line to it and the alliances and rivalries, betrayals and camaraderies, are like a macho morality tale. Basically it’s a Soap Opera in skimpy underwear, with body slams and people hitting each other with chairs. (If the people in daytime soap operas hit each other with chairs they might have a bigger audience!) Just like a soap opera, one of the characters, Darren Young, being gay offers up some possible new plot lines.

  • Geoff B

    Just because he’s a Christian, doesn’t automatically make him a homophobe, and besides, Stephanie McMahon was one of the first from WWE to voice her support, and since she’s just about at the top of the ladder in that organization (daughter of the CEO and Chairman as well as one of the Vice Presidents) as well as a long standing ally of our community, no one is going to give Mr. Young any grief. Kind of funny that the more violent and extreme sports (entertainment) groups are way ahead of the curve on this issue.

  • B Damion

    I will take support from every which way it comes. Gezzz..does every comment that is made on this forum have to be dissected. The man supports us. Thank you sir. THE END.

  • DarkZephyr

    Yeah, being a Christian doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be a homophobe. Here in WA one of the biggest groups to vote in favor of Referendum 74 was Catholics in the Pew.

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