No, the world isn't ending

Yes, Queerty Has a New Look

We’ll spare you “the world of online publishing is changing” speech, but, well, it is. And we’ve always tried to stay ahead of the curve. Which is why, starting today, you’ll see Queerty push forward with more original content than ever before. Most visibly, you’ll see this through our new design changes. Up top we have a feature block, showcasing our most recent and most important exclusive features. Along the sidebar you’ll find a running list of our most recent features. And in the main blog column, well, our “blog,” where we’ll do our best to keep you updated on the day’s news that other people are reporting. You’re welcome to bitch and moan, or you can take a step back and realize the new Queerty is a better Queerty, because you’ll find content — from interviews and entertainment packages to opinion and analysis columns — here that nobody else is bothering to produce. Not staid gay print magazines. Not other gay blogs. And certainly not what passes for gay television programming. We certainly hope you like it! But of course, we’re ready for you to bitch about anything, including improvements, because if there’s one thing we expect from Queerty‘s readers, it’s that you’ve got something to say. Have at it if you must.