Yet Another Poll Shows Most Americans Disagree With Boy Scout Policy

Here’s another example of how fast the public’s attitude on LGBT issues is changing. A new Washington Post poll finds that a majority of Americans believe that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) should lift its ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. Just last December, Gallup released poll results that showed most Americans didn’t believe gay adults should be allowed to serve as scout leaders.

What prompted the sudden change? The BSA’s own proposal to reconsider the ban probably gave permission for a change of heart to folks who hadn’t thought much about the issue. What’s noteworthy is that the BSA proposal would still ban gay adults from the organization, while 56% of those in the Post survey believe that policy is wrong.

Other highlights from the poll:

  • 63% favor allowing gay scouts in the organization
  • 75% of those with no religious affiliation or who identify as agnostic or atheist oppose the ban
  • Roman Catholics favor the policy change at the same rate as everyone else, while Protestants are almost evenly split on the issue
  • Parents are as likely to support repealing the ban as those without children

So the real question is, how many polls does it take for the BSA to realize the entire ban has to go?

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