Yoko Ono Settles The Score On John Lennon’s Long-Rumored Gay Love Affairs

John-Lennon-Yoko-OnoIn a candid interview from her apartment at the iconic/infamous Dakota Building in New York City’s Upper West Side, Yoko Ono shared her thoughts on art, equality, her husband’s murder on the sidewalk below, and John’s sexuality.

You can read the full piece on The Daily Beast.

Here are a few highlights:

Her thoughts on LGBTQ equality:

The existence of prejudice is “incredible,” she says, and marriage equality is “really great, we shouldn’t be so thankful. It’s just normal.”

Prejudice, she thinks, “goes both ways, I’m sure gays feel straights are really dumb. There’s more freedom being gay probably, that’s good.”

LGBTs should have true equality, Ono says, “and you’ll get it. Equality is people having to create their own future. That’s what they’re [gay people] doing. They should be very, very positive.”

“Equality under the law and equality in real life is slightly different,” says Ono. “People are different from how the law can control them. We have a very complex life called the human life. There’s more than equality in life.”

On her own sexuality, and John Lennon’s:

“Well, that’s another thing. John and I had a big talk about it, saying, basically, all of us must be bisexual. And we were sort of in a situation of thinking that we’re not [bisexual] because of society. So we are hiding the other side of ourselves, which is less acceptable. But I don’t have a strong sexual desire towards another woman.”

So did Lennon have sex with other men?

“No, I don’t think so,” says Ono. “The beginning of the year he was killed, he said to me, ‘I could have done it, but I can’t because I just never found somebody that was that attractive.’ Both John and I were into attractiveness—you know—beauty.”