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  • 7SnowyNights


    OKAY FINE, I totally want to lick his face, DAMN.

  • Darth Paul

    Why not? Lil Bow Wow and Zac would be hot, too.

  • OH Charlie

    I would so do him RIGHT now

  • Brett

    The suit’s nice.

  • blake


    In many interviews, Crawford has denied being gay. Unless you have proof that he’s gay, why imply that he’s gay? What benefit does that do for gay people? Wild speculation, inn many cases, seems juvenile, hypocritical, and possibly serves to only alienate would-be straight allies.

    There’s this double standard that some gay people have. On the one hand, some say that straights should be friends with gay people and if, they are comfortable with their own sexuality, they should be free to express themselves in ways that are stereotypically “gay.” On the other hand, if a straight person has gay friends or acts any way that is remotely stereotypically gay, there are gays who scream the straight guy must be gay.

    This is like the crap about Australian swimmer Thorpe who has a roommate. The roommate is handsome; therefore, he and Thorpe must be lovers. As if straight people can’t have roommates!

  • Michael W.

    He’s not cute at all to me.

    But Zac Efron; I’d crawl through broken glass just to hit that once.

  • cruiser

    @blake: Get off the cross Mary, we needthe wood. Waht is so wrong about a little gay fantasy projection or are you just too uptight & buttoned up to be able to relax and be a human instead of some corporate sounding talking head. So what if is or isn’t a member of the “hometeam” it’s fun to dream or have you forgooten how to do that as well. Always quick to judge someone else. Grow Up & get a LIFE!

  • cruiser

    He looks sharp in this photo. Very Wall Street =:]

  • blake


    Take your sexual frustrations out on someone else. My comment was addressed to Japhy. He’s an adult and speak for himself. Your cliches about “corporate” this or that don’t help your arguments.

    There’s a difference between admiring someone for being attractive and trafficking in falsehoods (to make a profit, Queerty is a for-profit institution).

  • JPinWeHo

    @blake: Regardless of whether the gay speculation is appropriate, I find these recent “oh snap” features to be really banal. Posting a random picture of Chace Crawford is not relevant news – at the very least tie it in somehow, like the numerous previous times a picture of him has been posted on queerty with a news item about his latest denial re: being gay.

  • Darth Paul

    @Michael W.: (Don’t tell anyone I said this, but ME TOO!)

  • dgz

    efron and crawford would most certainly NOT be an adorable couple — they’d look like clones. clone couples are creepy. just like people who look like their dogs… brrr.

  • blake


    My point exactly. Crawford wouldn’t have to go through a gazillion denials of being gay if some people would either stop projecting their desires on him or stop trafficking in stereotypes.

    Japhy’s caption (“A dapper Chace Crawford on the set of Gossip Girl, a show where he gets to play a heterosexual version of himself.”) was disrespectful to Crawford.

    In light of Japhy’s postings about Hollywood using stereotypical performances of gays and his dislike of Perez Hilton, it seems sad that he is engaging in the same kind of stereotype- suggesting propaganda: pretty blond guy = must be gay.

    It’s one thing to toss up a picture of some guy for eye candy but it’s another to push the same B.S. about the guy’s sexuality when he’s denied it (and that guy has not taken any public anti-gay stances). What purpose does it serve? It just seems moronic and disrespectful to a straight ally.

    The larger context goes back to gay people wanting straights to be friends and allies. If someone straight has a gay friend, should that straight person have to always have his sexuality questioned? What’s the message for the straight kids who join gay/straight alliances in their schools?

  • mb00

    nahh…I’ll pass. This guy and all the others that look like him are way too pretty and made up for my taste. I like ’em a little rough around the edges. I’m a Joaquin Phoenix kinda guy, and yeah, even with his hobo beard, I’d still hit it.

  • Darrien

    Your point might be unpopular with some, but it’s undeniably correct. Elsewhere on the site (specifically the Second Life divorce story) fun is had with British tabloids’ sometimes elastic approach to truth. And then this story gets posted and it has an ethical approach to reporting and comment that wouldn’t be ethical – or even professionally acceptable – for a British tabloid. You’re pointing out the murkiness of journalistic ethics here – and thank you for doing so. Obviously, this is a gay site and we should be able to have fun with gossip, but that doesn’t mean reporters should ignore all the available evidence just to fill a couple of inches. That couple of fictitional inches would be laughed at on, so why should it get an easy ride on a news site?

  • CTBottoms

    You gaggle of queens need catch your breath and take a closer look at the byline–David Hauslaib posted this, not Japhy. I’m sure Japhy is responsible for *most* of the world’s ills, but he’s doesn’t write every last little thing on this blog. Get your facts straight before you start your little wars.

  • evangelica

    he should me with me. i am the best in the world and i am the bomb. so you girls who say i wan tto lick his face keep on dreaming because he is my man . i love him so much so f**** you ok. i am going to be his wife one day. and all of you are going to be invited to the wedding because i am the best in the world. i am way cooler than you girls so . LOSERS DREAM ON

  • evangelica

    @Darrien: SHUT UP


    @7SnowyNights: SHUT UP




    you all are so gay . you think you guys are going to doit with himand you all are not going to oit with him. so SHUT UP

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