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You Bullied David Hyde Pierce Into Coming Out

It was very important to me never to pretend, never to hide. In 1985, my partner Brian and I were new in the business and were not comfortable letting people know that we were gay. We had separate apartments. We went about our business. We met this lovely married couple down in the grocery store below the apartment building where we all stayed. A month later, we finally had the courage to come out and let them know that in fact we were a couple. They said, ‘We knew when we saw you shopping.’ … [Being pushed to come out publicly] wasn’t so much about being uncomfortable being gay, it was about being uncomfortable … Like the bully on the playground was pushing your face in the dirt saying, ‘Say it, say it, say it.’

&mdadsh;David Hyde Pierce, currently starring in Broadway’s La Bete, on why it took until 2007 for him to go public about partner Brian Hargrove [via]