You Too Can Sleep With Mark Foley!

It may not even be Halloween, but it’s never too early to prepare for that dreaded annual plague known as “The Holiday Season”.

Well, what’s a better way to celebrate both togetherness and drunken revelry than with a Mark Foley doll designed by David Johnson of SpectreStudios? Pretty fucking sweet, right? Well, you can own one. That is, if you head over to eBay, where the current bid rests at $255.

Sure, it may sound a bit steep, but Foley comes with his own hooch and what appears to be a GPS system (He is, after all, a drunk. We can’t expect him to track down young lads all by his lonesome).

Oh, and if you’re considering buying this for a guppie, be sure to read the packaging: “Not For Children.”

(We must say, we’re a little surprised to hear Foley’s six-inches. We thought something closer to four, but we’ve never been very good with numbers.)