Zac Efron “Looks Like Something A Gay Guy Designed In A Laboratory”

tumblr_n3q7klYKE21qg0heyo1_500The new R-rated trailer for Zac Efron, Seth Rogen and Dave Franco‘s new movie Neighbors has debuted, offering more colorful descriptions to add to the 101 Ways To Describe Zac Efron’s Sexiness handbook.

“He looks like something a gay guy designed in a laboratory,” Rogen says right before The Sexiest Motherf*cker Alive flexes his godlike arms and strikes a pose. Also included in this delightful trailer, footage of Zac Efron holding a dildo, hopefully not for the first time.

Of course, we’ve been worshipping at the Church of Efron for some time now, but it’s nice to have others confirm what we’ve known all along.

Neighbors hits theaters May 9.