Beefcake Bonanza

How does Zac Efron stack up to the original “Baywatch” hunks?

Baywatch is only the latest ’80s remake to roll down the Hollywood conveyor belt that brought us such reboots as 21 Jump Street and Dukes of Hazzard, but the burning question remains: Will the muscly manflesh quotient be anywhere near as high as the original lifeguard drama at its Speedo-clad peak?

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And more importantly, how does Zac Efron stack up to the parade of cheesecake that bounded through each of Baywatch‘s eleven seasons?

Here’s Zac Efron:

And here’s David Chokachi:

 credits intro opening theme baywatch GIF

Zac Efron again:

Michael Bergin: 

Once again…  Zac Efron: 

Jeremy Jackson: 

And here’s Zac Efron again, in the latest trailer for the film: