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Zach Wahls Didn’t Just Impress You. He Made Mom + Mom Proud

Following in the footsteps of Michigan’s Graeme Taylor, Iowa’s Zach Wahls, the 19-year-old son of two lesbian moms who testified before the State House as they moved to let voters ban gay marriage, has set the Internet on fire. There he is on MSNBC’s The Last Word. He’s been fielding interview requests from Fox and ABC, too. Everyone wants to be his Facebook friend. And why not? He sounds like the most upstanding citizen in America! Well-educated, well-spoken. Savvy and entrepreneurial.

Speaking to Lawrence O’Donnell surrounded by his parents and sister, Zach says “the response has really been absolutely overwhelming. It’s been so inspirational for me to hear so many people who are supporting my family and the rights of gay couples … all across the country. It’s really unbelievable.”