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Zach Wahls Didn’t Just Impress You. He Made Mom + Mom Proud

Following in the footsteps of Michigan’s Graeme Taylor, Iowa’s Zach Wahls, the 19-year-old son of two lesbian moms who testified before the State House as they moved to let voters ban gay marriage, has set the Internet on fire. There he is on MSNBC’s The Last Word. He’s been fielding interview requests from Fox and ABC, too. Everyone wants to be his Facebook friend. And why not? He sounds like the most upstanding citizen in America! Well-educated, well-spoken. Savvy and entrepreneurial.

Speaking to Lawrence O’Donnell surrounded by his parents and sister, Zach says “the response has really been absolutely overwhelming. It’s been so inspirational for me to hear so many people who are supporting my family and the rights of gay couples … all across the country. It’s really unbelievable.”

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  • chpinnlr

    What an impressive young man and a Beautiful family! How anybody could think they threaten “Traditional” marriage is beyond comprehension!

  • divkid

    oh hell im feeling sooo proud of him too.

    im developing ovaries just watching him. is it wrong to have the urge to want to breast feed him?

  • Shannon1981

    I love this kid! He is what everyone should strive to be. Loving, kind, accepting.

  • Righwingers are sociopaths (John from England)

    Yep, special kid!

  • SG

    Awesome guy and a lovely family based on that.

  • Anonymous

    I loved his eloquence, brevity, and intelligence and I don’t relish asking this but would he have been taken half as seriously if he wasn’t so attractive?

  • Lucas

    @Anonymous: Daniel Hernandez was taken seriously, so yes. Sometimes a certain level of bravery melts even the shallowest of gay hearts.

  • Anonymous

    #7 Daniel Hernandez? I’ve been reading here daily for couple years and some Gay News weekly but nothing is coming to mind?

    PS – I loved the part where Zach lists his accomplishments and says ” my parents orientation did not affect me negatively or something like that and then says ‘senator, I assume you would be proud if I was your son?” It was just amazing that he did said so much in such a short time and did not have to read it! It needed to be said, but did affect the vote? What is the analysis?

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    @Anonymous: I do think if Daniel had not been Hispanic and good-looking, he would’ve been catapulted to genius levels but as is life. I [email protected]Lucas:

    Nah, he should be getting so much, much more attention and you know it.

  • Jamie

    Thanks for making the comparison between Zach Wahls and David Hernandez. What a wonderful contrast, and quite hopeful: one, articulate, well spoken and thoughtful; the other, intelligent, cool under pressure, and humble. This country has a bright future if we can convince young men like these to run for office… Wahls/Hernandez 2012!

    Or, we can stick with The Situation and Perez Hilton and spiral into a 3rd-world failed empire.

  • Alexa

    I know I would be very proud if he were my son. They look like such a great family, I wish more people could see them.

  • hephaestion

    Such a brilliant young man. Those moms must be the best moms in the world. Bravo to this entire wonderful family!


    COLAGE: People with a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer parent applauds Zach for his courage. He is tackling the isolation that people with LGBTQ parents often face, especially during heated anti-gay campaigns.

  • Anonymous

    What I was asking – could someone post a link or a bit more info so I don’t get every Daniel Hernandez on planet earth when I do an internet search? I have no idea who Daniel Hernandez is and would like to find out – THANKS

  • Anonymous

    Cancel request – it came right up on Queerty – wow – short memory I’m getting – Hernandez/savelife/Giffords…..

    Well, as to who is more popular – I don’t know how you tell. I found about three pages on google for Hernandez + Giffords and I stopped turning the pages after 20 for Zach Wahls – but….Zach did a lot of things in high school, wrote to the newspaper, spoke at a college forum…etc.

    Perhaps Daniel Hernandez is the exception to the rule – but seems to me 90 plus percent of the time, the majority in the USA are looks and youth obsessed.

  • Mack Robertson

    Zach, not only does America love you, your parents and your sister love you, so, so many people in the world love you, but specifically the people of Iowa should love you and be extremely proud of you. To me, Iowa was always just ‘there’. Knowing now what incredible young people the school systems and the University are producing, Iowa is now THERE. What a positive spin you have provided the state with.

  • drewa24

    So proud to know that Zach is the FUTURE of America, and that the dead weight of the Homophobic, Religious Right, Republic,In-Bred Tea-Bag party will soon be nothing more than a horrific memory, and something we had to endure to get to where we are going. Bravo Zach, Bravo.

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