All The Shady Details From The ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Finale That Never Aired


While these tidbits won’t be of interest to everyone, diehard fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race can never hear enough about the show — especially the shady parts that end up on the cutting room floor.

This post is clearly intended for that latter group. If you’ve ended up on this page and don’t care about the show, here’s a great story about the bizarre world of competitive men’s tickling. Enjoy.

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We all know reality TV is heavy on the “TV” and light on the “reality,” but one eagle-eyed audience member at the Drag Race finale couldn’t help but spill the tea on all the subtle moments that never made it to broadcast.

Reddit user beckie_bot posted this exhaustive list to the RuPaul’s Drag Race thread:

    • After Ru made the bathroom comment, there was some fun bathroom swapping going on in the lobby
    • The applause for Derrick wasn’t THAT loud…there was some definite audio enhancement
    • While the applause for Bob was loud…for Kim Chi it was much louder
    • The show directors made us chant each of the Top 3 girls names, so that’s why you hear the name chanting
    • Bob joked that Trixie was part of the people there supporting her when Ru introduced her brother.
    • Ru actually was surprised by the purse Bob gave her and walked with the purse off screen
    • Kim’s song was really hard to understand during the taping. I could barely tell she was saying fat femme and Asian. The sound quality was choppy
    • Everyone really did lose it when Kim started dancing


    • People were all anticipating Ru to have Kim’s mom send a message…it was a big topic of discussion
    • Kim said that her mom isn’t open to American culture and wouldn’t know what Logo was..and Ru gave a look when Kim said that
    • After Jason asked Kim the virginity question ..Kim gave her shady answer but also said she has her eye on one of the Gay for Play dancers (Austin I think his name was)
    • There were a lot of people taking pictures and recording that the show director had to voice over the audience and say to stop posting to Instagram….as well as calling out specific people.
    • There was also a lot of audience screaming stuff during quieter segments and I’m glad most of them were edited out
    • Ru wasnt that shady towards Dax and Laila as other people have tried to say
    • Ru did in fact call Laila “lie-lah” and had to re-do the segment after the interview
    • After Naysha confirmed her enhancements, she laughed and asked Michelle which side of the bet she was on…however I don’t think there was an answer
    • The fans went nuts for Acid during her interview…especially her tribe in the balcony


    • Robbie lost it when the dancers came out in kimonos. She has a good two minute long giggle fest
    • When Robbie mentioned her bday segment, she had prefaced the answer with saying she had to cancel birthday plans she had prior to being on the show
    • The violin segment with Thorgy was a little bit longer than what was shown…and after she was done she kind of gave this look as though she should have kept going
    • Ru talked to Derricks husbands and talked about joining their triad…Derrick said how usually they have to ask to bring someone in but for Ru they would make an exception
    • There were more crowd questions from Latrice and Manila that weren’t shown (unless I missed it?) and I don’t remember what they asked and to whom unfortunately.
    • Chi Chis interview was much longer than shown and she kind of seemed tired or “over it”
    • Ru asked about her Mom and they panned to her and the rest of Chi Chis family up in the balcony. I’m thinking they cut it out bc 1) a lot of ppl had left by then so the audience looked empty and 2) everyone else had their friends and family in the VIP area but not Chi Chi’s.
    • Cheech also had brought out some turkey neck for Ru to try and Ru seemed a little grossed out and surprised. The rest of the girls were all wanting to see what it looked like off camera
    • After MC was announced, Chi Chi walked off the stage kind of disappointed
    • Kim Chi couldn’t walk down the aisle with her crowning gown and had to go back stage to get on the main stage. It took a good 5-10 minutes. And Naomi kept tripping while getting to the stage. It was a mess.
    • The audience didn’t get to hear the past winner voice overs
    • Raja had the best crowd reaction
    • Everyone literally lost their shit for Violet and her gown
    • Violets answers did seem a little short and forced though


  • Ru said that the filming of the crowning would be alphabetical and gave a side eye to the audience as to not look too into it
  • The whole “Bob being filmed with the crown” didn’t happen while everyone was there…I think it did actually happen but after most of the audience had left
  • Nayasha brought up the infamous Ru phone call and said that she really was at home for only a couple of hours until she got a call asking her to come back.
  • A ton of the queens in the audience asked the rest of the girls questions (Milk, Alyssa, Manila, Latrice, and more) but the best one was Trixie asking Acid Betty “Did you not or did you not come for me?!” Acid was being her snarky self and said she’s glad to see she blended her nose better or something along those lines. She didn’t Rupologize. You could tell it was a joke though.