10 Hours of Walking as a "Drag Queen" Shows Harassment Not Limited to Women


A new YouTube video, which takes a spin on the viral ’10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Woman’ video, gives a glimpse into what it’s like to walk down the streets of Los Angeles as a man dressed in drag.

The funny and playful video depicts a fully-bearded “drag queen” with unshaven legs. While this style has become a growing trend, the character in this video doesn’t represent the majority of drag queens who do remove these masculine features. Additionally, many drag queens will heckle people back if they talk to them on the streets, often joking and using sarcasm to make the situation fun and playful. Nevertheless, this video does bring up some of the security issues drag queen (and transgender women) face while walking around the streets.

Kimberly Amoore Drag Queen
Me in drag (2011)

Walking on the streets as a man in woman’s clothes can be a frightful. As someone who has personally been in drag and walked the streets of a large city (during both the daytime and nighttime), I can personally attest to the insecurity one feels. People will often stare at you a little longer. Plus, there’s always the fear that you might encounter somebody who decides to harass you and even physically assault you.

I want all of our Dragaholic readers to be safe! If you, or somebody you know, is a member of any part of the LGBT community, please read and share these safety tips, courtesy of Texas A&M University.

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