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10 Queer Superheroes: Entertaining Us While Saving The Planet (No, Really)


WHO IS HE?: Although he’s recently become tabloid fodder for his drug arrests, the androgynous British singer first became famous as frontman for the “blue-eyed soul” group, Culture Club. Fun Fact: The band used to be called Sex Gang Children, which is an infinitely better name.
BEST KNOWN FOR HIS CHARITY WORK WITH: Children With AIDS, an organization that provides practical, emotional and educational support for children affected by HIV and their families. He appeared as a special guest at their 2009 benefit.
WHY HE MATTERS: He’s been a gay icon for decades and continues to experiment with music in solo projects and collaborations. He’s also got his own fashion line, B-Rude, which he says is fun, flashy clothing for the disenfranchised—more Debbie Harry than Paris Hilton.
QUOTE: “Part of me looks at the gay movement now and worries that we’re losing our individuality… A lot of what I’ve been learning in the last two years is due to therapy – about my sexuality, why things go wrong, why relationships haven’t worked. It isn’t anything to do with anybody else; it’s to do with me.”

Apart from his work with Children With AIDS, he had a lead vocal role on the Band Aid international hit single, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”—it was the biggest selling single in UK singles chart history. Proceeds from the single were donated to feed famine victims in Africa. Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Paul Young, George Michael, Kool and the Gang, Sting, Bono and Adam Clayton of U2, Phil Collins, Paul Weller, Bananarama, and many others worked on the single as well. He’s also served as the pin-up boy for MAC Cosmetic’s Viva Glam lipstick line, which donates a portion of proceeds to help those infected with HIV.