255 Balloons, 9 Costume Changes and One Fierce RuPaul Dance Cover!

“225 balloons, 9 costume changes, 9 hours, and a little shimmer in my heart, and this is what happens.

“This year I finally understand what happiness is. I know how to maintain it, I know how to keep it, and it is mine forever. I finally feel like I’m okay and I just really wanted to document this moment of my life. My goal was pretty much to get you guys to feel the happiness and joy and excitement I feel a lot of the time. Even if its only for three minutes, I want you to feel it.

“Through a LOT of RuPaul’s sayings, an even just by the way he lives his life, I have found so much inspiration and grounding, and a pretty strong base to grow from. (If you haven’t seen his rant from Drag Race Season 1 Reunion, go watch it now) So it was so fitting and so appropriate that I celebrated his music.

“HUGE thank you to Jimmy Page for shooting and editing and coming up with ideas that have surpassed my own vision, you are incredible.”

Greg David

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