3 Million Celebrated São Paulo Pride. 21 Of Them Injured From Explosive


While an estimated three million people were enjoying the world’s largest gay pride celebration in São Paulo on Sunday, at least 21 revelers had little to cheer about after being seriously injured by an explosive thrown at a gathering after the parade. Not to mention a couple beatdowns. Latin American Herald Tribune: “The bomb explosion scattered shrapnel, injuring many of those at the scene where 21 people had to be treated by a team of doctors and paramedics that had been mobilized for the parade. Most of the injuries were not serious and only five people had to be taken to hospital, doctors said. Some witnesses said that the bomb was thrown from a building on the square. The bombing was not the only show of homophobia during the gay pride parade.
Police said there had been reports of other attacks on people who took part in the parade, as well as several cases of robbery and assault. A 17-year-old boy who took part in the parade remains in a coma at a Sao Paulo hospital after being attacked by a group of unknown persons who found him alone on an empty street after the nearly eight-hour parade. Another youth was attacked in Roosevelt Plaza where the march ended, and a third was stabbed in Largo do Arouche Plaza.”