3 Million Celebrated São Paulo Pride. 21 Of Them Injured From Explosive


While an estimated three million people were enjoying the world’s largest gay pride celebration in São Paulo on Sunday, at least 21 revelers had little to cheer about after being seriously injured by an explosive thrown at a gathering after the parade. Not to mention a couple beatdowns. Latin American Herald Tribune: “The bomb explosion scattered shrapnel, injuring many of those at the scene where 21 people had to be treated by a team of doctors and paramedics that had been mobilized for the parade. Most of the injuries were not serious and only five people had to be taken to hospital, doctors said. Some witnesses said that the bomb was thrown from a building on the square. The bombing was not the only show of homophobia during the gay pride parade.
Police said there had been reports of other attacks on people who took part in the parade, as well as several cases of robbery and assault. A 17-year-old boy who took part in the parade remains in a coma at a Sao Paulo hospital after being attacked by a group of unknown persons who found him alone on an empty street after the nearly eight-hour parade. Another youth was attacked in Roosevelt Plaza where the march ended, and a third was stabbed in Largo do Arouche Plaza.”

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  • AlanInSLC

    Wow…3 million people. That is amazing. I feel horrible for those who had their day/year ruined by people who are scared of differences. How sad is it that people have to turn to violence to make themselves feel better for not being comfortable with a different way of living.

  • John Santos

    Cord Jefferson was right–if those flamboyant gays would only dress in grey flannel, these attacks would have never happened.

    And are you sure it was 3 million just in Sao Paulo? Cord told us that hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world would be attending pride parades. I think you’re mixed up; conservatively dressed straight people know far more about Pride attendance than us flamboyant queens.

  • andy_d

    The injured count should be zero. Despite that, I am glad that the numbers were so low regarding attacks. Unfortunately, as long as the Catholic Church headed by Ratzi the Nazi (and other, equally homiophobic religious organizations) holds sway over ANY country, there will be pople who so eagerly act on the hatred it (and he) hypodritically espouse, there will continue to be these types of attacks.

  • Mark Snyder

    and san fran is the gay mecca/capital? Hah!!

  • Rah Baby

    I was there but fortunately I didn’t see this sad moment, but I know it was after the party.

  • NorthAmerican

    I was there, and it was truly something to behold.

    None of this would be possible outside of this incredibly unique culture, it’s the most open and socially progressive that I have seen anywhere in the planet.

    Strangely I didn’t hear of the attack, but did get pickpocketted. At least the latter kind of incident shouldnt be interpreted as homophobic at all, any crowd in Sao Paulo would easily fall victim to small robberies.

    The event was a smashing success and should help serve as a wake up call and inspiration to the rest of the world: against steep odds (This event 12 years ago had 900 people) a freer and more equal world is possible.

    Also, an important take-away message is that a proud and celebrated cultural reality is as important as legal equality in the fight for freedom.

  • DeAnimator

    Queer people think peaceful protest works…why? It’s cool. We’ll just get blown up until the almighty holy heterosexuals agree to to recognize us as PEOPLE. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

  • Gino

    i might me a hot brazilian now.

  • Mark Monroe

    I have been down that street. My best friend lives in Sao Paulo. I love the culture as well and in fact I can’t wait to go back to visit during the pride parade!

  • Andrew

    Bittersweet, as if often the case with the news lately. Three million strong, that’s amazing. The violence is sickening.

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