300 Creators To Again Rile Up Jocks

Tired of movies depicting war as pointless and agonizing instead of thrilling and sexy – the way it really is? Well today’s your lucky, bloody day, killer!

Legendary Pictures has confirmed it is developing a “300″ follow-up for Warner Bros. that Frank Miller is writing and Zack Snyder is intended to direct.

Miller is writing the graphic novel the project will be based upon, although at this point it’s not clear whether it will be a prequel or spinoff. Most of the characters, including Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas, died in the original, making a follow-up tricky.

Snyder won’t officially commit until after he sees Miller’s take, but he’s definitely interested, and the prospect of his involvement already has fanboys in a tizzy.


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  • Rock

    Oh God help us!

    Will the soldiers be wearing lycra thongs in this one?

  • fredo777

    If they want to include some of the same (previously killed) characters, it’s not difficult at all. It’s just a matter of setting it in a different time, before the 300 died.

    If Gerard Butler is in this one, I’ll likely watch.

    I’m not proud of it, but I…well…meh. I like half-naked guys. Shut up.

  • greybat

    I just hope they hire a continuity director this time. What a disorganized mess that last script was!

  • ggreen

    One of my friends nagged and nagged me to see the first 300. He thought it was the finest cinema entertainment ever (“Citizen Kane” I’m sure was a close second). After the film came out and the CGI- painted on abs were exposed (in fact most of the killer bodies were added in post-production) he still thought it was Oscar worthy. When the director admitted to the intentional homophobic message that the movie was making (“What scares 12 y/o boys more than an effeminate black man?”) my friend became more firm about how much he LOVED 300. Well now you can find my friend on M4M nearly 24/7 tweaked and looking for sex with REAL men. Ha Ha

  • afrolito

    What effeminate black man??

    300 was a great gulity pleasure for me, and nothing more. Anyone who went to see that hoping for a coherent script, historical accuracy, or anything related to high cinematic art, has pebbles for brains.

  • Meeg

    I somewhat enjoyed watching 300 due in no small part to all the half naked men.

    But the more I think about it the more this movie annoys me. Obviously, it’s really historically inaccurate. Clearly the Spartans wore armor and clothes into battle. There’s also a point where the Spartan king dismisses the Athenians as boy lovers (the Spartans did plenty of that and the sentiment is anachronistic). Plus, the Spartans desire for freedom above all else seems heroic, but there’s no mention of the helots (the people from conquered neighboring city states who were enslaved by the Spartans).

    And I think that in addition to homophobia you can add xenophobia and racism to the movie’s sins.

  • greybat

    Well, I only paid a buck to rent it. It’s just hard to enjoy a pretty man when you know he’s getting sliced in the first reel.
    What was really irritating was the lack of character development, and the sheer artificiality of the thing. I can accept a certain amount of anachronism, but all through the film I found myself creating psychological profiles of the marketing and distribution staff. Not really what I want to do in movie.
    I suppose I watched too many Otto Preminger and Alfred Hitchcock movies in my youth…it got me addicted to stories!

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