7 Cool Companies That Want Your Gay Money This Holiday Season

guideIf you think Abercrombie’s advertising is too gay and you’re upset because Toys R’ Us doesn’t have enough gender stereotypes in their marketing, then we have just the Christmas guide for you!

The Faith Friendly Christmas Guide is backed by the Faith Driven Consumer group, and primarily exists to alert their primary consumers as to how companies rate based on seven criteria: Pro-Life, Non-Pornographic Materials, Wholesome Entertainment, Philanthropy, Biblical Sexuality, Marriage and Family, and Corporate Responsibility.

Of course, what is terrible for them is absolutely amazing for us, so we decided to flip the choices on their head and give you 7 of the best choices for gays based on the list.  The amazing quotes here are directly from the Faith Friendly Christmas Guide, btw.

Just try to imagine Mrs. Betty Bowers (America’s Best Christian) furiously typing them up while attempting to simultaneously clutch her pearls.

 1. Nike


The Faith Friendly Christmas Guide doesn’t like Nike’s embrace of “the homosexual, bisexual and transgender political and social agenda in the workplace and beyond,” but we think it’s just swell. From those awesome t-shirts that infuse the iconic “swish” logo with rainbow colors to their embrace of out pro athlete Brittney Griner (who will model male clothes for them), Nike is doing a great job showing substantial support for the LGBT community.

 2. Macy’s


The inclusion of a performance from cross-dressing Broadway smash Kinky Boots in their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade probably wasn’t meant as any kind of political statement, but their awesome response to the homophobic online backlash certainly was. The viral photos of star Billy Porter in full drag and Stark Sands in knee-high boots shopping at Macy’s on Black Friday was certainly a part of the campaigning for the “homosexual and transgender political agenda” that TFFCG accuses them of.

 3. Abercrombie & Fitch


Yes, we know that Abercrombie and Fitch is like, SO over, but we will never tire of the relentless parade of very hot and nearly nude manflesh that is perpetually on display in the attempt to sell clothes. Their “highly inappropriate, exploitative, and homoerotic” advertising is definitely what manages to keep them even somewhat relevant. However, the fact that their clothes are so rarely found on any hotties outside of their ad campaigns is keeping them lower on this list.

4. Apple


While we’re sure that Apple’s openly gay CEO isn’t sitting too pretty with this lot, they seem to take more of an issue with the “easy access to soft pornography” in its app downloads, including those from Sports Illustrated and Playboy. Hookup app Grindr isn’t even mentioned, but we figure if these types had any clue as to how much access to hard pornography the average Grindr conversation can lead to, their heads would explode. That is, if they didn’t get too caught up in “exploring” the offensiveness of the app.

5. The Gap


GAP Be One Be Bright advert-842746

Yes, The Gap’s cultural prominence peaked sometime around Sarah Jessica Parker strutting around in wacky outfits to a Lenny Kravitz song, but they keep on pushing on and pissing people off, which is always a good thing. Their “Be One” ad campaign which included probably the least offensive, cherubic, cute gay boys they could possibly find was, of course, an insidious reminder of their support of the “homosexual gay marriage agenda” and freaked the nice people at Faith Driven Consumer right out. Also, now they’re not just freaking homophobes out, but racists too!  Well played, Gap Inc.

 6. Amazon


While it may be quite some time before you’re getting those Noah’s Arc DVDs and the newest Dan Savage book dropped in via drone plane to your home, is the mecca for LGBT folks looking to purchase gay books, music, and media online. That said, it’s no wonder that their entertainment options are seen as “unwholesome” by TFFCG. And honestly, where else on earth are you gonna buy a trashy gay romance novel called How I Met Your Father?

 7. Target


Yes, Target was caught in a bit of a scandal a few years back based on anti-gay donations, but they’ve pumped up their support to the LGBT community big time. Selling a line of pride t-shirts as well as integrating gay couples into their advertising (like the ad seen above) has definitely shored up their support, and if this guide sees their support as not “family friendly,” well, they’re doing something right.