Breakthrough Role

A Casting Director And Actor Got Married And Had A Kid After A Magical Audition


Talk about the role of a lifetime! When stage actor Mo Brady auditioned with Telsey & Company casting director Justin Huff for an ensemble role in the pre-Broadway tryout of Catch Me If You Can, he walked out with the part and the man he’d eventually marry and have a child with.

The cute couple shared their story with Playbill and it’s just as barf-inducingly adorable as you think it is:

You two have had a lot going on lately! We’ll start simple. How did you meet?
Mo Brady: I had been an actor [in Seattle] for many years and had done a bunch of shows at the 5th Avenue Theatre. We met there during the audition process for the out-of-town tryout of Catch Me if You Can.
Justin Huff: We never really delve into it too much because we always feel like, “Oh the casting director and the actor met at an audition…” We skim over that.

We want the details! Were you worried about making the connection?
JH: Well I think at the time I was actually seeing someone, but of course we’re human, so you’ll be like, “Oh he’s attractive,” or “she’s attractive,” but I didn’t pursue that in the professional environment. It was only meeting through other people that we became socially connected. When I went back to Seattle for Spider-Man [ Turn Off The Dark] auditions I needed some help with open calls I was doing, so I asked Mo and another guy who had helped us with auditions when I was there forCatch Me If You Can and another friend of Mo’s, who’d I’d met through the audition process, to be PAs. Then we all hung out and got lunch together that day. The interaction had become social shortly after the audition experience for Catch Me if You Can, months prior.

The two were eventually married and recently welcomed son Brady Huff (take a guess how they came up with the name) via surrogate. There’s much more to this uber-romantic tale over at Playbill.

If you’re unlucky in love, take note: The One may be a casting call away!