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A Dating Website That’s Actually About Going on Great Dates

When you’re shopping online for a potential mate, one thing is almost always certain: You must be physically attracted to the person in order to move forward. But what happens when you’ve gone out on 20 first dates, maybe three second dates, and zero third dates? Maybe it’s time to consider your dating criteria are skewed. “I just want someone who gets me,” you might say. “Someone who’s exciting.” That’s not an unreasonable request. And with a new website, it’s not an impossible one, either.

Though its launch is still almost a month away, and it’ll debut for New York City-area singles only (expect expansion if it succeeds), How about we… is a new type of dating website. It starts with this premise: dating should be fun. Which means potential matches will still post their photos and interests, but the main currency here is an exciting, interesting, fun date. How about we… says it “puts the date back in dating.”

Which means: Screw counting a dinner reservation as a date, unless you’re having it on a helicopter zooming past the Statue of Liberty. No more coffee klatches, unless you get to go behind the counter and brew your own cup with a lesson from the cafe’s owner.

Wisely, How about we… isn’t for heteros only; gay men and women are just as encouraged to sign up, and get in on the action before the initial launch. (Oh, and three months of free membership.)

It’s a dating website for people who want a great date. And unless you’ve got one to offer, you’re gonna be cruising adam4adam again tonight.

(Yes, we know that’s a hetero couple in the screenshot, but while the site supports gay dating, it didn’t feature any gay couples in its photo array.)

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