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A Quick and Quiet End to Clay Aiken’s Voter Fraud Scandal


Clay Aiken has a history of getting into trouble through his blog. So it makes sense that after calling some local school board candidates “selfish idiots” in North Carolina’s Wake County, he drew some unwanted attention. Namely, from the county’s Board of Elections, which received a complaint from one of those candidates who saw Aiken voted — and not via AT&T text message — in Wake County (listing his mother’s house in Raleigh as his home address), even though his own house is in Chatham County, which he once showed off to a television reporter. Scandal!

But alas, this one is blowing over: Aiken has removed his name from Wake County’s voter registration rolls, and the investigation into criminal wrong doing has been dropped. But that’s a good kind of “drop,” unlike the bad kind, which record labels do.

Back on the blog yesterday, Aiken maintained he did nothing wrong. By voting in Wake County, he means, and not with his post-Idol career.