Action Against Bill O’Reilly’s Anti-Gay Ways

Bill O’Reilly probably thinks himself the straightest man in America, but he’s sure got a strange fixation with the homosexuals.

If that video isn’t enough to job your memory, we all remember how windbag Bill blasted the Padres’ gay day, fabricated anarchic lesbian gangs, ragged on two teenage gays and, most recently, derided pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie. Okay, so that last one’s not “gay,” but it’s queer, and so is O’Reilly’s lucrative, hateful shtick.

Now, after years of documenting his bile, Media Matters has launched a crusade against the Fox News commodity O’Reilly:

Fox News and O’Reilly use the topic of same-sex couples and their families to promote his show and incite fear of the LGBT community. Never was this practice more clear than when Fox used footage from Rosie O’Donnell’s cruise for gay and lesbian couples and their families to promote an upcoming edition of the Factor. The promo raised the question: “Is the media celebrating gay culture?” You can probably guess what the answer was.

It’s time to tell O’Reilly and Fox News that enough is enough; if anyone should “relax on all this gay stuff,” it’s Bill O’Reilly. I hope you’ll take a moment to contact Fox News and The O’Reilly Factor today and make sure your voice is heard.

O’Reilly’s not alone, of course. Fellow Foxer Greg Gutfeld and his friends on Red Eye like to take the piss, too. Those of you who want to shake an electronic fist can email O’Reilly [[email protected]] or give a ring to the Fox News crew here: 1-888-369-4762.

In related news, Fox News papa Rupert Murdoch just joined the Associated Press board of directors. “Murdoch, chairman and chief executive officer of News Corp., was appointed by the board until the next election of directors to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Jay Smith, who announced earlier this month he was retiring as president of Cox Newspapers.” Sign…