Action Against Bill O’Reilly’s Anti-Gay Ways

Bill O’Reilly probably thinks himself the straightest man in America, but he’s sure got a strange fixation with the homosexuals.

If that video isn’t enough to job your memory, we all remember how windbag Bill blasted the Padres’ gay day, fabricated anarchic lesbian gangs, ragged on two teenage gays and, most recently, derided pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie. Okay, so that last one’s not “gay,” but it’s queer, and so is O’Reilly’s lucrative, hateful shtick.

Now, after years of documenting his bile, Media Matters has launched a crusade against the Fox News commodity O’Reilly:

Fox News and O’Reilly use the topic of same-sex couples and their families to promote his show and incite fear of the LGBT community. Never was this practice more clear than when Fox used footage from Rosie O’Donnell’s cruise for gay and lesbian couples and their families to promote an upcoming edition of the Factor. The promo raised the question: “Is the media celebrating gay culture?” You can probably guess what the answer was.

It’s time to tell O’Reilly and Fox News that enough is enough; if anyone should “relax on all this gay stuff,” it’s Bill O’Reilly. I hope you’ll take a moment to contact Fox News and The O’Reilly Factor today and make sure your voice is heard.

O’Reilly’s not alone, of course. Fellow Foxer Greg Gutfeld and his friends on Red Eye like to take the piss, too. Those of you who want to shake an electronic fist can email O’Reilly [[email protected]] or give a ring to the Fox News crew here: 1-888-369-4762.

In related news, Fox News papa Rupert Murdoch just joined the Associated Press board of directors. “Murdoch, chairman and chief executive officer of News Corp., was appointed by the board until the next election of directors to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Jay Smith, who announced earlier this month he was retiring as president of Cox Newspapers.” Sign…

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    your protest must be working. i tried to email o’reilly through your link to fox and before i could even start, it denied me. i guess they don’t really want to know what we think.

  • Maverick69

    Poor Bill O’Reilly, his account at Rent-A-Dildo has been shut down.

    What’s a self loathing penis lover suppose to do?

  • M Shane

    I’ve heard him enough times to know that he is one of the most disgusting people to put his ugly mug and additude before people. Given his longevity and the fact that people actually watch him, I seriously fear for the American publics sanity. I guess that’s a pretty silly statement; they havn’t got any.

    He is one of the few interviewers who takes pride in intimidating visitors. A neocon version of “realityTV”.

  • dellisonly

    If it weren’t for O’Reilly we wouldn’t have The Colbert Report, which is a blatant parody of him. Stephen Colbert is hilarious and needs O’Reilly to continue this behavior so the he has a career. I am a BillOreillyaphobe but he is entitled to his opinion and we get him ratings.

  • M Shane

    I agree that Colbert is wonderful: it just gives me the utter chills to realize that a portion of America take O’Reily seriously. If you can deal with him you’re a lot less paranoid/frightened than I.

    It’s not like we have an inteligent descerning electorate to mess around with anymore. Many people have a net functionaly I Q below 80 and just seem to believe that garp. I think he’s entitled to his opinions but he should be voicing them in an out house somwhere.

  • MJ

    Queerty lies again. They ignore every gay-supportive statement O’Reilly has made. I guess this is a bit of shades-of-gray, though, unlike Queerty’s blatant black-and-white lies re. Colin Finnerty where they accuse him of regular queer-bashings when he never did a single one. (Look up their postings on the Duke lacrosse rape hoax). Hmm…Finnerty, O’Reilly..? An anti-Irish hatred? An anti-native New Yorker hatred? I’m in NYC. Would anybody from Queerty like to explain this to me? Either in person or via email..? I won’t hold my breath. Hide, weasels. [email protected]

  • muldrake

    Why do we need to know who or what you are having sex with? Enough is enough already.

    Have sex with pigs for all I care, but don’t tell me about it.

  • pensivepuppy

    Bill likes gay sex – he wanted Andrea Mackeris to have sex with her girlfriend, so he obviously approves of the gay lifestyle.

  • Will O'Malley

    O’Reilly can tell when you’re BSing. He isn’t anti-gay, he sees when homosexuality is used as a political football.

  • archont

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Bill is saying. Everybody gets criticized at some point or another – sometimes subtly – take Bill, sometimes not – take the rest of society calling unimaginative insults. That applies for everyone – scientologists, bikers and petists (the people who indulge in consensual extraspecies relationships) – not even mainstream social gropus avoid criticism – fringe groups such as people who attempt to devote their entire romantic life to an entity incapable of providing reproduction ( by design not defect – eg. corpse, same sex, different species) are criticized more.

    I don’t see why gays have to brand every critic a christian fundamentalist bigoted, ignorant warmongering extreme-left wing sexually insecure closet homosexual of below average intellect.

    As hard it may be to believe, most of the outspoken gay critics don’t want to to build work camps for gays nor send them to madagascar. They don’t care how much AIDS one spreads nor what he does in bed – but wish homosexuality to remain a personal, not a political topic.

  • Layla

    FOX NEWS, is just Big Brother; they are a propaganda machine. They serve the ignorant well, only the ignorant could believe. What Fox news indoctrinates you with: War is patriotic, Christians are the epitome of good, we should be afraid of thought of difference.


  • Tommy

    Wow, that video was horrible. Nobody here listens critically. The hyper-sensitivity in minority communities just makes us look like reactionary idiots. Calm down, pay attention, put your emotions aside and have an adult conversation. Disagreement does not equal disrespect.

  • Tommy

    @Layla: Layla, at least come up with your own thoughts. You’re just reiterating something you heard on some liberal website. You’ve probably never even seen Fox News.

  • hephaestion

    I hope that MRS. O’Reilly is as dumb as a rock. Or her life must just be Hell.

    O’Reilly is buddies with Roger Ailes, the man responsible for making one-third of America brainwashed into believing countless lies via Fox News. Together they are hell-bent on destroying America.

  • McShane

    I find it hard to imagine anyone living with that deviant willingly: for any amount of money. I is one tyhinkg that someone with severe aspergers syndrome and dementia is amuzing to some people- my guesis thast he has to be locked up and highly medicated when he’s not on T.V.

    Unfortunately , this is in likelihod he “bread and circuses” that preceeded the fall of Rome. Onluy boobs could find that amuzing.

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