Adam Lambert Will Make “Glee” More Glam



Ryan Murphy tweeted last night that the glam rockstar and American Idol alum Adam Lambert would be returning to Fox by joining Glee. No details yet on Lambert’s role in the show or where his character would be based—New York or Lima.

Last year Lambert told The Hollywood Reporter he thinks Glee is “so cute” and “really paints a picture of what it’s like to be an arts kid in high school.”

Glee is really irresistible  it’s charming,” he said at the time, noting he’d love to be able to play himself on the series, after having recently played himself and performed on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

While it’s unknown who Lambert will play or how many episodes he’s appear on, his casting announcement comes on the heels of news of five of the original cast members have been bumped down to reduced roles (it was inevitable), while some of the newcomers, including Alex Newell, will be made series regulars.

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  • Kieru

    I barely stuck through last season; the knowledge that Adam Lambert is bringing his (lack of) talent to the set is not an enticement. On the up side, it does signal just how out of work Lambert must be, that he’s willing to take a role on Glee, which has steadily been dropping in ratings since season 1.

  • queenrosered

    Right Kieru because who would want that no-talent hack who sang with Queen in 6 sold out concerts in Europe or who wowed audiences the world over in Season 8 of Idol. Or who just inked an 8 figure deal just to endorse a video game in China.And of course, look at the LOSERS who have appeared on Glee. Kristin Chenoweth, John Stamos,Neil Patrick Harris etc. From Neil Patrick Harris to Jennifer Lopez, celebrities are lining up for a chance to star on Fox’s hit series Glee. Even the President and First Lady are trying to get in on the action by inviting the cast to perform at the White House! Your jealousy and ignorance are showing.Do everyone a favor. Don’t watch it. And please don’t comment.

  • Polaro

    I love me some Adam Lambert. However, who knows if he can act. This will either be great or tragic. I hope its great.

  • Polaro

    @queenrosered: There is always one whiny biotch on every thread to rain on the parade. They must lead very dreary lives.

  • queenrosered

    @Polaro: Indeed my friend, indeed, lol! Of course there’s no way Lambert’s addition to season 5 will be “tragic” as the acting (such as it is) is really secondary to the MUSIC! I can’t wait for a Lambert/Michelle duet! Lea has stated that she really wants that because “it’s like working out with the world’s best trainer” He will challenge her though she’s already hella talented herself.Thanks and enjoy the show! ;)

  • Kieru

    @queenrosered: Fair enough; Lambert is doing better than I realized (I admit, I don’t like his music so I don’t follow his career that well). None of that changes that Glee’s ratings are spiraling downward.

    Also … look at the list of performers who have been on Glee. There is a common factor among most of them; existing television careers and a limited musical career. The obvious exception for me would be Kristen Chenoweth. Also just as a point of note; I don’t believe Jennifer Lopez ever made it onto the set of Glee. Her music has; but not the lady herself.

    And at the risk of being deemed a bitter queen; I really enjoy the music of Glee. What I don’t enjoy is the script. For the past several seasons we’ve had a lot of the same themes rehashed. Hell… last season we had a Glee member scared of an unexpected pregnancy. Murphy seems to be having difficulty moving the series past its season 1 plot.

  • Dixie Rect

    Super talented? LOL, I think not. Ryan must have a thing for chubby singers with excessive amounts of eye liner.

  • Cam

    How about they write another plotline that requires the creepy teacher Mr. Shue to be gone for another season.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    LOL lack of talent. On a TV show that lip synchs? Have you heard NPH sing live? yawn.

    Have you heard Lambert sing live? Try this light opera live recording of Brigadoon Come To Me Bend To Me – at 22 yrs old, or any OTHER live recording for that matter. Like the Queen show in Kiev to 350,000 people.

    Even Queen said Lambert is the ONLY PERSON who could pull off the difficult set list he had in that tour – 25 of their most challenging songs.

    Try knowing something about the person you’re criticizing. Let me know when NPH or any other “pop star” can pull this off including the 23 second breath hold. The video was posted by the venue and they called his performance “brilliant”.


  • queenrosered

    @Kieru: Thanks for your gracious reply. In fact, NPH is no slouch either. None of the guest stars have been. We can definitely agree that the writers need a kick in the ass, plot-wise. As a fan of Lambert,I cannot guaranty better story lines but I CAN guaranty KICK-ASS VOCALS! Hahaha! That’s FACT. PS: As far as careers, any performer who is lucky enough to make a decent living in their chosen profession is a success by any normal definition of the word, don’t you agree? It’s a very tough nut to crack, very competitive. ;)

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