Adore Delano Gets Roughed Up By Police In New Video

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 11.46.04 AMChart-topping Drag Race alum Adore Delano has become drag’s Rihanna, releasing every song on her debut album as a single with an accompanying high-concept music video.

The beloved foul-mouthed queen releases her fifth single from Till Death Do us Party this week with a video featuring Drag Race season 5 runner-up Alaska Thunderfuck. To us, “I Look Fuckin’ Cool” looks like a police crackdown on drag queen raves, but there’s apparently much more to the story.

A press release explains:

“I Look Fuckin’ Cool” is a rowdy hip-hop inspired dance track where the pair unapologetically flip-the-bird at those who disrespect them for their unconventionality. These girls like the way they look!

The video is set in a dystopian future, where an authoritarian, big-brother-like police force has enacted a coup ‘de fashion. All fashion and individualized self-expression has been banned in lieu of a military-esque uniform, but there are those that disobey.

A small gang of rebel-punks led by Adore and Alaska (the two most wanted by the regime) have begun to band together using a sophisticated network called Jack’d to connect with like-minded individuals.

Oh, right. Good thing they’re still able to “connect with like-minded individuals” on a sophisticated network like Jack’d.

Below, watch this self-described “topless hooker draped in faux fur from the 80s” slay the game. Again.