Adore Delano Drops Heartbreaking Ballad, Shatters Every Awful ‘Drag Queen Single’ Stereotype

IADOREUPeople started speculating that RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 runner-up Adore Delano would use the competition’s platform to launch a potential singing career the moment she was cast.

Her sexy male alter-ego, Danny Noriega, was a semifinalist on American Idol season seven, and he expressed several times during the Drag Race season that his dream was to become a drag singer that would be taken seriously by the industry. Delano’s debut single, a “hyper-sexualized track” from the ‘hood called “DTF”, was released last week.

Today, Delano drops her second single from her upcoming debut album “Till Death Do Us Party” while simultaneously proving that not all drag queen singles are insufferable campy jingles about botox and dicks.

Below, the video for “I Adore U” is admittedly Delano’s “most personal” to date. It’s a haunting reminder of the emotional pain that comes in the wake of a breakup — “It’s about a boy named Colton Moyer,” she reveals. “He is such an awesome guy. We were dating and I hurt him so bad.”

Check it out: