“Drag Race” Favorite Adore Delano Posts Some Steamy Nudes On Tumblr

adore-delano-naked-photosRuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 favorite Adore Delano has been winning our hearts with her performance throughout the last eight weeks, but a new series of photos discovered on her Tumblr page are winning our loins, too.

We can now officially say that Delano, who appeared as her boy self, Danny Noriega, as a top 16 finalist on season seven of American Idol, looks amazing in a jockstrap. He looks amazing in nothing at all, tbh.

The following amateur selfies were posted to Noriega’s personal Tumblr previously, but have found new life now that he’s back in the spotlight. They’re not half as racy as the two contestants last season who had interesting stints moonlighting as gay porn models in a previous life, but they’re definitely worth writing home about.

God damn, Adore! You could get it as a girl and as a boy.