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Advertising Going Down The Toilet

Sony’s getting tongue-in-cheek with this ad for their hand held PSP. As our friend over at Another Queer Jewish Buddist points out, toilet humor’s become a common trend in advertising.

Why oh why are advertisers so interested in what’s happening in men’s rooms? Because, as Larry Craig taught us, men’s rooms are interesting.

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  • Tallskin

    Lol, very amusing.

    Note that the boy has wet his trousers at the end!

  • faghag

    Maybe i’m being a tad touchy but this has to be the tedious thing i’ve seen in a very long time.
    This is not funny in the slightest.

  • Mr. B

    Eh. I think there have been far more homophobic commercials. No one seemed outwardly bugged (or creepy)–to me, it just read like a typical double entendre that’s funny because it’s not what you think.

    And also, penis metaphors, guys loving a video game so much they bring it to the urinal, and pants-wetting are always hilarious.

  • Gregg

    I don’t think anyone said the ad was homophobic. It’s cute, but nothing great. Seems perfect for the target audience.

  • Mr. B

    I didn’t say it was homophobic either, Gregg. I was responding to Faghag, who was offended by it. As a queer dude I didn’t see much to get upset about. I though it was funny, but nothing close to inappropriate.

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