AFA Asks McCain For More Gay Opposition

Despite the fact that John McCain shouldn’t talk about gay marriage – and has repeatedly said the matter should be left to the states – the American Family Association recently implored its members to send the Republican candidate this hysterical message:

Sen. McCain,

I ask that you make passing a federal marriage amendment a top priority in your campaign. The family is the central unit in society. I cannot express to you the importance of this matter.

I will be waiting to see how you respond to this threat to the family.

We wonder why they didn’t send this note to the Democrats? They’re on the exact same page as McCain when it comes to marriage.

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  • Kevin

    “I cannot express to you the importance of this matter, either because I blindly trusted my preacher or because I have a deep-seeded fear of those that are different from me. In any case, I lack the eloquence and the depth of argument to explain why this is important to me, other than to rely on Biblical quotations and vague references hetersexual families forming the foundation of modern society.

    Yours truly,
    Small-minded America”

  • Kevin

    “…vague references _to_ heterosexual families…”

    It’s the end of the day and my internal spellchecker is failing me.

  • Kid A

    Ha ha, I actually think it was more representative WITH the spelling errors, Kevin!

  • CitizenGeek

    In fairness, there is absolutely no chance the Democrats would even consider passing a constitutional amendment to deny marriage to gay people; at least with McCain, it’s someway possible.

  • Scott

    Considering the President of the US has no vote or say in passing amendments to the Constitution, they’re kind of spitting in the wind here.

    A Republican congress with a Republican president couldn’t get it done the last time around.

  • reversion

    Threats of a US Constitutional Amendment are empty threats.

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