Airline Employee Fights Back At Emirates Passenger For Throwing Gay Slur At Him

article-0-1F71148200000578-826_634x384It’s a good thing this airline passenger didn’t have this guy as a flight attendant or we might be reporting on something far more serious than a slur.

Still, the details don’t look great in this Sydney airport kerfuffle.

The Daily Mail reports that a passenger from an Emirates flight called an airline employee a “faggot” after a minor altercation at the baggage carousel.

Footage of the incident can be seen here, wherein the employee doesn’t stand for it, applying some good old fashioned public shaming:

Four Australian Federal Police officers were called to the scene after the Emirates employee notified authorities about the alleged homophobic incident. The passenger eventually apologized at the request of the airline, and the world continues turning.

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  • BritAus

    Emirates. Owned by a country that has the death penalty for LGBT people. Silly queen for working for such a homophobic airline.

  • Jonathan26

    A long time ago, a very powerful man stood within an inch of my face and said “no faggot will ever work on my team for very long.” Those words and the power of that slur spoken by that terrible man have resonated throughout my life for nearly twenty years.

    I’m very sorry for the airline guy and regret he wasn’t able to knock his f***ing out as I was never able to do. If you talk to bus drivers here in NYC, they’ll tell you that among the very worst things to experience while working is the paralyzing assault being spat upon feels like. When used a weapon, being called a faggot can be just as traumatizing and in some of the worst cases, truly life altering.

  • litper

    Emirates is an anti-gay airline that should be banned in the civilized world!

  • Marc

    BritAus, some people work where they can find work That does not give others the right to name-call like that man did, and as you do now. Before turning it into the employees’ fault,try some empathy, ask yourself how you would feel.

  • Teeth

    @BritAus: I 100% agree with you. There are other places he can do the same job– you choose to live there, then you get very little sympathy from me.

  • Mezaien

    I cannot get the video to work, so I will not even going to try. YES Islam, and Christianity, is the enemies of the world! thing will get a lot worst in time.

  • seaguy

    With Emirites being one of if not the fastest growing airline in the world its understandable that a gay man would work there and that reason alone should not excuse someone calling him a faggot. Some of you obviously have not been out of work lately.

  • Rangerboy

    Whats the big deal. Could have called him a jerk, an asshole or something else. The result of the insult is the same. Best thing is to fight back whenever insulted, so it does not matter, whether its related to sexual identity or else.

  • BritAus

    @Marc: I wouldn’t work for homophobes. End of.

  • thatguy

    @Opponent of Homosexual Lifestyles being promoted to kids: Creeping around anonymously on lgbt news sites and telling those fags how it really is: Sir, you sound like an incredibly productive and able man, who really knows how to make an everlasting impact on society, someone who is certain to go down in history as the most powerful and clear-sighted person to ever walk this earth.

    With your continued efforts on comment sections like this, Marriage equality will soon be a thing of the past, and all fags and queers will be executed for their destructive, sodomite behavior that’s destroying so many people every single day. I can not thank you enough, you are the change we need!

    If I could I would buy you a billion prostitutes and donate a gazillion dollars to you, but I am sure you already get plenty of pussy and money with all the great things you are contributing to this world through your altruistic, brilliant work on sodomite sites like this…

    SAID NO ONE EVER- Opponent of Homosexual Lifestyles being promoted to kids, you qualify for the title as the BIGGEST LOSER EVER in human history!

  • Lefty

    @Opponent of Homosexual Lifestyles being promoted to kids: Every now and then on sites like this we get people claiming to be against gays but who seem to spend an awful amount of time and energy on gay sites. Do you have an erection while you’re typing all that pretend homophobia? Why now just jerk off instead? x

  • justSomeGuyFromNJ

    @Rangerboy: He was at work or at least he had his employee credentials on him, which means if he retaliated, HE would’ve been fired.

  • Daniepwils

    @ Opponent of Homosexual Lifestyles being promoted to kids

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

  • Milk

    @BritAus: You are as ignorant as that arsehole! Same difference!

  • Cam


    Yes, by all means, lets blame the victim. And those women that get raped? You know, it must be their fault for going outside their house isn’t it?

  • hotboyvb81

    Emirates is an Arab owned business out of Dubai- where it’s illegal to be gay- this guy might be in some serious trouble when he gets home- probably will be fired for this :(

  • Ogre Magi

    @Jonathan26: I live in the Bible Belt things are still that bad here

  • jonjct

    this is not a story. Queerty is making an issue where none exists. this guy reports the guy to the ticket agent “he called me a fa*&^:” and what exactly does he want her to do? Then he says “what’s your problem” and walks away. Queerty, desperate for ANY story reports this as guy “fights back”. HARDLY. Queerty is making stories where none exist. and yeah, i noticed that my last post which said essentially that Queerty is making fake copy was removed. so, remove this one too, and the mcdonalds ad will have one more view, more revenue for Queerty. You guys need a new business model and you need to get your sh*it straight right away.

  • BritAus

    @Milk: Don’t be so sour Milk, you just displayed your own ignorance.

  • BritAus

    @Cam: BIG difference between name calling and an act of physical violence. Of course the victim isn’t to blame, but you don’t jump in a pool of sharks and not expect to be bitten do you? Apologies for having to spell it out, I obviously assumed incorrectly that all Queerty readers would have the intellect to work it out for themselves.

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