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Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller: Gays Must Decide If Homosexuality Is A Choice

Alaskan Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller — who was just outed for lying about using government computers for political activity, and whose one-time advisor Terry Moffitt runs the “gay cure” website Hope For Homosexuals — finally granted Rachel Maddow the interview she’s been looking for. Granted, it was a Law & Order-style on-the-move chat in his home state, but Maddow did get Miller to discuss The Gays. It was a nightmare.

His views on LGBT equality legislation can be summed up as: He’s against it, but such bills fall in the “state’s issue” category. Except the Defense of Marriage Act — a federal piece of legislation — is a law “I support.” Huh!

Miller also supports a federal Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, which he acknowledges voters would have to approve, but it’s something he’s in favor of. Which doesn’t sound like a move that would leave the power to the states, no does it?

And what about this homosexuality being a “choice” thing? Miller — who told Alaskan voters in a July letter that he supports “the traditional Christian view” that “homosexuality is a sin, and therefore immoral” — says it “really is a state issue,” which, uh, is a ridiculous thing to say. So he follows it up with: “I think it’s up to an individual, so an individual has to make that decision.” Which, uh, means each person must decide whether each person believes homosexuality is a choice. OKTHX!

“We’re an increasingly diverse country,” he tells Maddow during their brief exchange. “I wanna be straight with you. And as a diverse country, I think it’s important that we recognize there are different approaches to different values. And I think that it’s best for states to be able to make those choices.”