All Letters Are Equal With New Marriage Equality Font

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 7.35.39 PMShowing your support for marriage equality by slapping a red filter on your profile photo is no longer enough. With a new equality font by Co.Design, you can literally shout proudly with every letter of the alphabet.

Inspired by the Facebook icons that started appearing during legislative debates over the Defense of Marriage Act, Equality Font is a free-to-use typeface that, according to the team that designed it, gives “an act as ubiquitous as typing on your computer a deeper meaning”, and will most likely annoy the hell out of anyone reading what you’ve typed.

But that’s almost the point, as the design team explains. “The thinking was that the idea of equality supersedes the message, no matter what the literal message is.”

They continue:

“In other words, you’re not necessarily supposed to immediately make out the thin pattern of letters hidden within each piece of type (which, incidentally, were mostly constructed with basic shapes like circles, squares and triangles to simplify their presentation). You’re supposed to be struck, again and again, by that equals sign–the core symbol of the movement.”

Equality Font is available to download here. Will you be using it to confuse and inspire everyone you communicate with?