AMC to bite into some very hot gayness

INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, from left: Kirsten Dunst, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, 1994. © Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

Television network AMC has announced a new adaptation of the classic Anne Rice vampire novel Interview with the Vampire, set to debut on the channel next year.

For the unbitten, Interview with the Vampire chronicles the life of a vampire named Louis. After the death of his brother, he crosses paths with a flamboyant vampire named Lestat who shares the “dark gift,” making him a vampire as well. The two become a gay couple of sorts, traveling the world and even adopting a vampire child named Claudia, and watching society evolve from pre-industrial to modern.

The book, published in 1976, won wide acclaim and spawned a whole series of sequels. AMC has optioned all 18 novels and shared plans to spin off the stories into different, overlapping franchises, somewhat akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Producer Mark Johnson, the producer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul will oversee development. Rolin Jones, fresh off the success of the network’s Perry Mason reboot will showrun.

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“The challenge of adapting for television the groundbreaking and immensely compelling work of Anne Rice is both intimidating and exhilarating,” Johnson said in a statement. Having previously produced films from such singular works, I recognize both the responsibility and the obligation we owe the material. I strongly believe that with AMC and Rolin Jones we are equipped to meet this challenge and to thrill and entertain both the loyal Anne Rice fan and the viewer who is just now discovering her work.”

In addition to Jones and Johnson, Anne Rice and her son Christopher will also produce.

Interview with the Vampire went before the cameras before in the popular 1994 film, directed by Neil Jordan and starring Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Brad Pitt. Despite the success of the film, some vocal fans felt censorship of the time constrained the movie’s ability to explore the homoerotic relationship between Louis and Lestat. Thankfully, standards have since evolved, so we’re hoping for some very gay vampires in the new series.

Interview with the Vampire will debut on AMC in 2022.