Americans Lay Equal Blame on Genes and Parents for Your Faggotry

Despite Lady Gaga‘s single, not everyone thinks that gays were “born this way.” A new Gallup poll reveals that only 40 percent of Americans attribute fabulousness to genetics and 42 percent blame your parents or goblins or whoever the hell raised you (such awful manners, wipe your chin). This surprising statistic is actually great for a few reasons…

The chart shows a decline in folks who think “upbringing and environment” turn you gay which kinda deflates the anti-adoption folks who worry that gay parents will turn their kids into box-munching butt-queens.

Also, if more Americans think that genetics and upbringing both play a role in sexual development, they might also accept that other factors play a role too—emotional intimacy, drug use, computer use, and porn fantasies. That is, different conditions might get a person to try a sexual behavior different than what they’re used to.

A recent huge-assed web porn study suggests that in our porn fantasies at least, many people show a large degree of bisexual fluidity (although the study’s data set has been called “suspicious” by some dorks).

Luckily if they ever do discover a gay gene, at least your employers won’t be able to test you for it. They’ll have to find out the old fashioned way—at the men’s urinal, 2 PM… alone.

Via The New Civil Rights Movement