Six "Guilty" Of Lewdness

Amnesty Calls For Amnesty For “Gay” Moroccans

Morocco’s dispensing some queer justice. Authorities arrested six allegedly gay men last month and tried them for “lewd or unnatural acts.” Following a brief and flawed trial, the men have been found guilty. Now Amnesty International’s UK-branch is asking its allies to rally for their freedom:

Amnesty International UK is calling on its 2.2 million members worldwide to write to the Moroccan authorities demanding the release of six men who are facing jail because of their presumed sexuality.

“The fact that the six men were convicted purely on rumour shows how prevalent homophobia is in Morocco,” said Tim Hancock, campaigns director at Amnesty International UK.

“Amnesty has called for their sentences to be overturned and is calling on its members across the world to email or fax the Moroccan embassy demanding their immediate release.”

Click here for a complete list of Morocco’s international embassies.