"Queer" Coppers May Curb Anti-Gay Attacks

Amsterdam Coppers To Play Gay?

Spurred by a sharp rise in anti-gay attacks, the city’s crime stoppers are mulling new, covert methods of curbing homo-haters:

The Amsterdam police are considering sending undercover officers posing as homosexual men onto the streets of the capital in an effort to combat increasing aggression against gays. The chief of Amsterdam police Bernard Welten said this in an interview that appears in the Gay Krant on Friday.

“But only as an extreme measure, and only if victims have become much more willing to report incidents than they are now,” Welten added.

There have been 21 reported attacks this year alone, higher than all of last year’s incidents. Does this mean there are more anti-gay attacks? Not necessarily.

It does mean, however, that more people are coming forward. It also means more arrests: coppers have nabbed a dozen alleged bashers. Not a perfect record, no, but a step in the right direction.

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