And Now The Tech Blogs Are Endorsing Prop 8-Loving Meg Whitman

The same week we learn blogs are getting paid to publish sympathetic coverage of Meg Whitman comes a guest post on the must-read tech blog TechCrunch endorsing the California gubernatorial candidate.

The words arrive from venture capitalist Timothy Draper, who says, “It’s time for fundamental change in Sacramento. Today, we could use a big dose of the innovative valley mindset in state government. We need a leader who has a plan and the skills and talent to execute. We need a leader like Meg Whitman. … Meg knows firsthand from building a start-up into a Fortune 500 company that no organization will reach its full potential without a thoughtful and thorough plan of action. Meg has a plan for California, and on Day One she will put the wheels in motion to begin changing the way business is done in Sacramento.”

Which isn’t to say the Whitman campaign is paying TechCrunch to run its fodder, of course. But it’s an interesting aside to a story of scandal that was focused only on political blogs.

Meg Whitman Is Paying Bloggers $15,000 a Month to Say Nice Things About Her

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