hangin' w/ mr cooper

Anderson Cooper’s On-Air Gay 3-Way (And Its Misleading Info)

The Silver Fox has hosted homosexuals on his show before. Like this time and that time. But last night he was sandwiched between two: Towleroad‘s Corey Johnson and columnist Dan Savage. Too bad it was marred by one of our own delivering some terribly misleading information.

The trio’s conversation — about how President Obama will use the Matthew Shepard Act to show how he’s committed to the queers — was worthwhile.

But let’s make one thing clear: In this segment’s opening package, hate crime survivor Todd Metrokin retold his brutal story outside a pizza shop. Telling that story is important. But Metrokin’s statement is misleading: “[Hates crimes laws] at least gives you a sense of safety, and that adds value.”

Hate crimes laws should not give LGBTs a sense of safety.

They do not prevent anti-gay attacks. You think harsher punishments and federal funding for investigations factor into the mind of an attacker? They don’t. So don’t go around thinking Obama signing the Matthew Shepard Act makes you safer walking down the street. And nobody should be sending that message. Especially the gays. (Kudos to Dan to reminding viewers as much.)