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Andrew Christian Grew Up Poor, Probably Wouldn’t Date An Underwear Model


If you’re a gay guy in 2016, chances are you’ve strutted around your place in Andrew Christian underwear while prepping for the third date (also known as the sex date).

Interestingly enough, he’s a regular guy who went through some real struggles on his way to being a gay underwear icon, and Michael Musto learned all about it while catching up with him after a recent event.

The guy practically invented the trashy gay underwear category and still dominates it for good reason. No matter what your body type is, it makes you feel sexy, even if you’re not rocking an 8-pack (we’ve got four at best).

The two men talked Section 8, parties, and whether Christian would ever settle down with one of his underwear model hotties. (Spoiler alert: probably not)

AC thinks Calvin Klein is over:

“It’s like your father’s underwear.”

In high school he was pretty much Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink:

“I did [grow up poor]. Section 8 and all that. I ate government cheese. The high school I went to was quite affluent and I didn’t have the kind of money to wear all the designer clothes they were wearing, so I had to be a little inventive on how to look cool on a budget.”

He probably wouldn’t settle down with a model:

“I don’t think so. I see myself with a regular guy. I don’t want to feel bad about myself.  A guy with terrific body and then there’s me next to him!”

And he loves doing promotional club events:

“Pretty much every weekend, I’m in a different city doing an event. It’s a great way to reach the gay audience. I’m a tangible, actual person-–as opposed to a 2(x)ist or another company that’s just an underwear manufacturer. It’s a great way to meet the actual people who are fans or customers. It makes it a personal experience for them.”

Which is probably why he’s still single:

“Too much temptation, being around hot guys all the time. Maybe it might be time settle down.”

There’s plenty more where that came from over at Musto! The Musical and it’s a great read. It definitely makes us slightly less likely to buy bootleg AC’s on Amazon and Ebay.